Frame means large tailor-made spaces specifically designed to guarantee continuity between environments, support work and information flows and promote human interaction. Nature and architecture blend together: every detail is designed to ensure employee well-being, a feature that earned Frame the LEED Gold certification, an exclusive certificate awarded to sustainable buildings that can reduce and remove CO2 emissions.


The spaces on each floor are flexible and modular, adaptable to the tenant’s requirements, and designed
to stimulate and facilitate teamwork. The opening in the facade provides a glimpse of the double-height terrace that extends from the fifth floor into the sixth. This exclusive area of the building with its two private terraces is the perfect spot to host private meetings and events, and offer your guests a breathtaking view of the skyline of Milan.


The ground floor has an area of over 3,700 square meters and a height of about 6.5 meters which makes it unique in its kind. Flexible and versatile, this multifunctional double- height space matches the needs of every type of business, adapting to the contemporary trends in smart working and well-being. Natural light, large windows, outdoor courtyards as well as the warm and relaxing atmosphere favor the well-being and the productivity of its occupiers.